Pneumatic Grease Pump

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Our range of products include Manual Grease Pump and Pneumatic Grease Pump.


Rs 18000 / Piece

Brand Auto Lub Engineers
Material Mild Steel
Machine Type Pneumatic
Frequency 50-60Hz
Maximum Air Pressure 30-40Mpa
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Pneumatic Grease pump are operates through pneumatic line, connected to the ports of pneumatic cylinder. The cylinder is built in with the pump housing during on period of the pneumatic line. A piston inside the cylinder is pushed ejecting out pressure & grease from the outlet port of the pump housing. During the reverse flow of pneumatic line grease is sucked through the suction port in the top surface of the grease make the suction of the grease positive & easier.Pneumatic pump is available in adjustable Discharge & multiport with adjustable Discharge in each paint. Discharge of pump as per customer Requirement. The pneumatic grease pump is suitable for Dispensing of grease automatic of grease bearing such as milling machine, rolling machine, presses & hammers, rubber processing machine, dye casting machine, furnaces etc. this pump is suitable for grease upto NLG-2 grease is filled through the filling port & other moving parts of machine for the distribution of the grease. We used progressive blocks through this pump.